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Name wpsche~1.exe


Scheduler for Web Position Gold.
With this programm, you can control and optimize position of your web-site in most popular search engines, such as AltaVista, Lycos, Google etc.

WebPosition Gold is the product to combine all the following features:

Generates HTML pages designed to rank near the top of the search results.
Analyzes your existing Web pages and gives plain-English advice on how to improve them.
Includes a simple, built-in HTML editor for fast and easy changes.
Uploads your new and changed pages.
Submits your pages to the major U.S and International search engines.
Reports your positions on each search engine for each keyword you are targeting.
Tracks the number of visitors to your site, where they came from, and what keywords they used to find you.

You can find full description of Web Position Gold here:

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