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Name msniasvc.exe


"About MSN Internet Access:
MSN Internet Access (MSNIA) works with Microsoft? Windows? 95- or
98-based PCs to provide a fast, reliable Internet connection so users can make the most of
their time online. At the heart of MSNIA is Internet Explorer 5 browser software. This powerful
software delivers a cleaner, more intuitive interface that allows users to spend less time
figuring out how to use the Internet - and more time getting things done online. MSNIA offers
award-winning e-mail functionality with Microsoft Outlook? Express, local phone numbers across
the United States, 24x7 toll-free technical support and a customizable home page. Customers can
order a free* one-month trial of MSN Internet Access by visiting or by
calling (800) FREE-MSN (373-3676)."
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