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Name RSEDNClient.exe


Red Swoosh EDN Client.
From authors:
"The Red Swoosh Edge Delivery Network is a content delivery mechanism used by web sites to allow
you to download files from those sites quicker and more efficiently. In order to have the
software installed on your machine, you must have explicitly agreed to an End User License
Agreement on one of these web sites. Note that sites market this technology under several names
including 'TurboShare' or 'Sharing Network'.
The Red Swoosh software is not 'spyware' and does not maintain any personally identifiable
information about the end users. The software is also not a trojan, a virus or a worm, and even
though it does operate transparently, it is completely removable and is only installed after the
end user's explicit agreement to a software use license."
Read full information:
At your option.

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