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  %PROGRAM FILES%\180search Assistant\hsr.dll

Name %PROGRAM FILES%\180search Assistant\hsr.dll


Hsr.dll is an adware program Adware.180Search (180Solutions).
Hsr.dll monitors the contents of Web browser windows.
Hsr.dll opens the Web pages of partner sites when it sees certain keywords in search or shopping site windows.
Related files:
%Program Files%\180search Assistant\sain.exe
%Program Files%\180search Assistant\hsr.dll
%Program Files%\180search Assistant\sau.exe
%Program Files%\180search Assistant\sau.log
%Program Files%\180search Assistant\sau.dll
%Program Files%\180search Assistant\sau_[three random letters].dat
%Program Files%\180search Assistant\sauau.dat
%Program Files%\180search Assistant\sac.exe
%Program Files%\180search Assistant\sauhook.dll
%Program Files%\180search Assistant\sachook.dll
%Program Files%\180searchassistant\salm.exe
%Program Files%\180searchassistant\salmau_update.dat
%Program Files%\180searchassistant\salmhook.dll
%Program Files%\180searchassistant\salm.dat
%Program Files%\180searchassistant\salm_[three random letters].dat
%Program Files%\180searchassistant\salm_[three random letters]_update.dat
%Windir%\Downloaded Program Files\ClientAx.dll
%Windir%\Downloaded Program Files\ClientAx.inf
Adds the value:
"MSBB" = "[Path to adware file]"
"sau" = "%ProgramFiles%\180search assistant\sau.exe"
"sac" = "%ProgramFiles%\180searchassistant\sac.exe"
"sain" = "%ProgramFiles%\180search assistant\sain.exe"
"salm" = "%ProgramFiles%\180searchassistant\salm.exe"
to the Windows startup registry keys.
More info:
Remove hsr.dll from Windows startup using antivirus (also check How To Remove section)Startup Optimizer.

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