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Name %WinDir%\spoolsv.exe


Spoolsv.exe is a worm W32.Linkbot.M.
Spoolsv.exe opens a back door through IRC.
Spoolsv.exe spreads by exploiting the Microsoft Windows LSASS Buffer Overrun Vulnerability (Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-011).
Spoolsv.exe tries to terminate antiviral programs installed on a user computer.
Related files:
Adds the value:
"Local Security Authority Service" = "%System%\lssas.exe"
"Local Security Authority Service" = "%System%\Isass.exe"
"Client Server Runtime Process" = "%System%\csrs.exe"
"Windows Logon Application" = "%System%\logon.exe"
"Windows Logon Application" = "%System%\winIogon.exe"
"Windows Explorer" = "%System%\explorer.exe"
"Winamp Agent" = "%System%\winamp.exe"
"Windows Network Firewall" = "%System%\firewall.exe"
"Spooler SubSystem App" = "%System%\spoolsvc.exe"
"Spooler SubSystem App" = "%System%\spooIsv.exe"
"Application Layer Gateway Service" = "%System%\algs.exe"
"Microsoft Internet Explorer" = "%System%\iexplore.exe"
to the Windows startup registry keys.
More info:
Kill spoolsv.exe process and remove spoolsv.exe from Windows startup using antivirus (also check How To Remove section)Startup Optimizer.

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