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Name %windir1%\system\svchost.exe


Plexus is an Internet worm which spreads in three different ways: as an email attachment, via file-sharing networks and using the LSASS
and RPC DCOM vulnerabilites in MS Windows like Sasser and Lovesan respectively.
In addition, Plexus carries a potentially dangerous payload.

Upon execution, the worm displays a fake error message, chosen at random from predefined list:
- CRC checksum failed.
- Pack method not implemented.
- Could not initialize installation. File size expected=26523, size returned=26344.
- File is corrupted.

Plexus copies itself into the Windows\System32 directory as upu.exe.
It then installs two files:
- a file named setpupex.exe to the Windows\System32 directory
- a file named svchost.exe to the Windows root directory - the main module of Plexus.a.

Plexus copies itself to shared folders and accessible network resources under different names.
Plexus exploits the LSASS vulnerability described in >MS Security Bulletin MS04-011
Plexus also exploits the DCOM RPC vulnerability described in MS Security Bulletin MS03-026 just like last year's Lovesan.

Plexus searches local disks for files with the following extensions: htm; html; php; tbb; txt
and sends copies of itself to all email addresses found in these files.

Plexus attempts to prevent Kaspersky Anti-Virus databases from being updated by replacing the contents of the 'hosts' file in
Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts with the following data:

Plexus opens and tracks port 1250, making it possible for files to be remotely loaded onto the victim machine and launched

Automatic removal:
Remove it from startup by antivirus (also check How To Remove section)Startup Optimizer.

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