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Name Exploier.exe


I-Worm.Lovgate.ah spreads via the Internet as an attachment to infected messages.
May also create several copies of itself in the root directory of all accessible disks in ZIP format. The copies will be saved under random names.
If the worm finds the P2P client Kazaa on the victim machine, it will copy itself to the file-sharing folder under the different names.
The worm attempts to copy itself to all accessible computers which it finds on the local network.
The worm will answer all messages it detects in the 'Incoming' folder by sending an infected email to these addresses.
It also harvests email addresses from files with the different extensions.
The worm terminates all processes which contain the predefined text in their names.
The worm harvests information about the victim machine and saves it in a file named c:\Netlog.txt which is then sent by email to the worm's author.
It installs a backdoor on TCP port 6000 to receive commands.

Use antivirus (also check How To Remove section)to automatically remove this registry item.

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