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Name GigaByte.exe


W32.HLLP.Shodi.B is a virus that prepends itself to the files that have a .exe extension.
The backdoor is configured to listen on TCP ports 6351 and 6352.
Searches for the files that have the .exe extensions on all the hard drives, starting with drive C.
The worm searches all the folders on the hard drive, except those with the following names: Windows; System; System32
It does not infect the files that have the following names: IEXPLORE.EXE; ccApp.exe; ccRegVfy.exe
Prepends itself to some of the files that it finds.

If the worm is executed on May 5, 2005, the virus will display a message box containing the text:
Important !!! Please read this The Next is in Arabic
followed by Arabic text.

Extracts the original host file to a file with a .ogr extension, and then executes it.
For example, if Notepad.exe is infected, the virus will extract the original Notepad program to Notepad.ogr, and then will run it.

Attempts to install a backdoor to an infected system by creating the following files:
%System%\oobb.exe: An installer detected as Backdoor.Trojan.
%System%\Cheatle.exe: A VB application detected as Backdoor.Trojan.
%System%\GigaByte.exe: A remote administration tool detected as Remacc.Radmin.
%System%\AdmDll.dll: A .dll component of Remacc.Radmin.
%Windir%\r_server.exe: Another copy of GigaByte.exe.
%Windir%\start.exe: Another copy of Cheatle.exe.

If these files are successfully dropped, they will add the following entries
"Cheatle"="%System%\GigaByte.exe /port:6351 /pass:hellomine"
to the registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

Automatic removal:
Use antivirus (also check How To Remove section)Startuip Optimizer to remove this worm.

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