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Name Iamcahxj.dll


Iamcahxj.dll is a part of PCIDEV virus.
It's installed as Internet Explorer toolbar:
[Toolbars] {91464AB2-0115-27ED-FBD9-47A7A7A7A7E5}=C:\WINDOWS\Iamcahxj.dll
Iamcahxj injects to URLSearchHook
[URLSearchHook] {7CE941D9-51CE-9950-7B79-1A0C1569D890}=C:\WINDOWS\Iamcahxj.dll
HKCU\\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\URLSearchHooks

Also virus changes:
[Current Home Page]
[Search Assistant]
[URLSearchHook] {7CE941D9-51CE-9950-7B79-1A0C1569D890}=C:\WINDOWS\Iamcahxj.dll
[Toolbars] {91464AB2-0115-27ED-FBD9-47A7A7A7A7E5}=C:\WINDOWS\Iamcahxj.dll
[Registry Run] PCI Device 32=C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\PCIDev32.exe
Open antivirus (also check How To Remove section)Start Control Right click and choose Terminate.
Repeat for
[Registry Run] WIN16/DOS Network Interface Service Process=C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\
[Startup Folder] Validate Antivirus.lnk=C:\ANYWARE\AAWIN.EXE
Check if it is legitimate file.
[Win.ini] run=C:\WINDOWS\AsdDLL32.exe
Kill the process AsdDLL32.exe using antivirus (also check How To Remove section)Process Manager.

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