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Name iexplorer.exe


RapidBlaster is a task run on Windows startup.
When an internet connection is present it periodically connects to its servers to fetch advertising.
Typically pop-ups for porn sites.
Can download and execute arbitrary unsigned code pointed to by its controlling servers.

RapidBlaster/Rnd is an update which uses pseudo-random filenames.
If it fails to contact its server it will just use 'RapidBlaster\rb32.exe' as with older variants.
If you remove it, it will reinstall itself using a new name.

Installed with ActiveX drive-by download on affiliate pages, including misleading download links (eg. 'megamovieblaster') and pop-ups.
Also can installed by the ISTBar parasite.

Manual removal
Open the Task Manager and end the RapidBlaster process (rb32.exe, or, in the Rnd variant)

Find the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
and delete the 'Something lptt01' entry.
'Something' will be the same as the filename of the RapidBlaster program - you can now delete the folder containing this.

Or remove it from startup by antivirus (also check How To Remove section)Startup Optimizer.

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