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Name SskCore.dll


Ssk.exe is Adware.SurfSideKick.
Ssk.exe displays popup ads.
Ssk.exe monitors Internet activity and intercepts search queries.
Related files:
- %Program Files%\SurfSideKick\Ssk.exe
- %Program Files%\SurfSideKick\SskBho.dll - BHO
- %Program Files%\SurfSideKick\SskCore.dll - URLSearchHooks
Ssk.exe adds the value:
"SurfSideKick" = "%Program Files%\SurfSideKick\Ssk.exe"
to the Windows startup registry keys.
Removal of SSK.exe:
Kill SSK.exe process and remove it from Windows startup.
Delete BHO object SskBho.dll from BHO list.
Delete SskCore.dll from URLSeachHooks key.

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