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Name winkrnl386.exe


Also Known as TrojanProxy.Win32.Zebroxy [KAV]
Backdoor.Zebroxy is a Trojan that opens port 8173 and runs as a proxy server under Windows 2000/XP.

When Backdoor.Zebroxy is run, it does the following:

1. Adds the string value:
"Microsoft Windows Kernel Services"="%System%\winkrnl386.exe"
to the registry keys:
so that the Trojan runs when you start Windows.

2. Modifies the string value:
to the registry key:
to diseble remote connections using DCOM

3. Opens TCP port 8173 and runs as a proxy server.

Following the instructions to remove this trojan:

1. Restart the computer in Safe mode.
2. Open your antiviral application and run a full system scan and delete all the files detected as Backdoor.Zebroxy.
3. Deleting the value from the registry:

a. Select the key:
and delete the value:
"Microsoft Windows Kernel Services"="%System%\winkrnl386.exe"

b. After that navigate to the key:
and delete the value:
"Microsoft Windows Kernel Services"="%System%\winkrnl386.exe"

c. And go to the key:
set the value for "EnableDCOM" to:

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