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Name winmain.exe


One of the first of a new breed of malware.
When run it immediately loads MSHTA.EXE from the Windows folder, placing it on "hot standby", ready to accept HTA scripting within a web page and then EXECUTE what is embedded IN the page as a program! In other words, it's possible for a "rogue" website to actually embed trojans, worms and/or viruses directly into a web page. BOClean's HTA Stop offers an easy way to toggle this capabiltity, or rather vulnerability, on and off. I suggest you leave it disabled!

It's now possible for a "rogue" website to actually embed trojans, worms and/or viruses directly into a web page. In the past, pages that offer seemingly attractive downloads which contain such malware required you to click to start any download to your computer. Now it's become automatic, using features in the Windows operating system known as scripting. These scripts can load programs without you knowing, and then they run immediately. All you have to do is visit the site, without doing anything besides viewing the page.

HTAstop acts as a brickwall against these scripts, disabling them so the download doesn't occur. HTAstop protects you against one variety of script, our IEClean covers all twenty seven.

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