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Name winsock.vbs


This Internet worm spreads via e-mail messages using MS Outlook and IRC, and is written in VBS.
The IRC scripts are needed for spreading via the IRC channel.

Then the worm activates a spread procedure, opening the MS Outlook address book, and for each address, creating the following message:
Subject: Hello ;]
Body: Hi , check out this game that j sent you (funny game from the net:]).
Attach: dragonball.vbs

The worm contains errors, and this procedure can't work correctly. So, the worm can't spreads via e-mail.
In conclusion, the worm displays the following dialogue box:
When a user closes this box, the worm removes keyboard and mouse functions, and the runs MediaPlayer with a file from the Internet:
and changes AUTOEXEC.BAT, inserting the strings:
ECHO DraGon Ball [Z] by YuP
ECHO Thank you and bye bye dragon world!!

Please, remove it with antivirus (also check How To Remove section)

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