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HP Sucks Period!

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Old 12-24-2009, 10:57 PM
samatoh Offline
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After receiving the laptop, I started it up immediately. However, I got an error code with blue screen. So, I tried to format it. However, another error message appeared and I couldn’t proceed.

So, I tried to send emails and contact them through phone calls immediately. Eventually, I got the following results:

1) Sending about 20 emails to them. My email was first replied after more than 10 business days and after sending more than 10 emails to them.
2) They only replied about 5 of my emails. All emails were saying the same thing, “there is nothing we can do and you have to contact this or that number…..”
3) One of them gave his fake email address to me over the phone, so that I no longer could contact him back.

Phone calls:
1) I received support from the ENTIRE company because my calls were being transferred to all different departments endlessly. Everyone said that was not their jobs.
2) One of them gave me fake extension number in preventing me to get back to her.
3) Even I have left my voice message to them, they just didn’t seem to care to return your calls.
4) They promise to call you back, but they won’t call.

After dragging me over 8 weeks, the technical support team said that there was nothing they could do to solve my problem. They didn’t want to provide refund, repair or exchange the defective unit for you. They just won’t respond to you at all.

I have to say that they have the best combination between product and service on earth:
The worst product + the lousiest support

They are already the “BEST”, what else you could ask for more?
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Old 01-03-2010, 06:56 PM
jim cav Offline
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HP Recovery Manager - another way to screw the consumer

The hard drive on my HP Pavallion crashed and burned after less than 2 years. I installed a new Seagate Baracuda drive and attemptimed to use the HP Recovery Manager to regen my system. It was never consistent. I would get instant hangs. Partial formatting of the drive. Occasionally it would get to the "Reinstalling original content" and then hang. I worked with HP on this, did everyting they asked, including buying their set of recovery discs...and still it didn't work.
I tested my hardware with Ubuntu and the Release Candidate version of Windows 7...both worked perfectly for months on end. So I again attempted to use HP Recovery Manager...and still it doesn't work.
So I again contacted HP support. After digging through a web site they refered me to I found a note that states:
"Some computers with NVIDIA chipsets may experience a hang early in the
formatting or copying process if a newer (than originally shipped)
generation hard disk drive has been used to replace the original primary
drive. This issue has been seen with Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 and 7200.12
series drives, as well as some Samsung models. There have been no issues
reported with newer drives from Hitachi and Western Digital. This only
affects computers with a software build ID that starts with 71, 72, or 73
(built in 2006/2007). The build ID can be found on a label adhered to the
bottom of the computer case. Replace the hard drive with a compatible drive
to recover these computers from recovery discs. Replaced drives can be used
as secondary storage devices. "

Well my PC matches that criteria exactly...along with the new HD I bought.
So I went out and bought a Western Digital drive and I'm trying the Recovery Manager again. However...I just received the following note from HP support:
"I would like to inform you that the set of recovery disc which users create from the system itself will only work with the hard drive shipped with the system as it has the preinstalled image of operating system which is burned in the D: drive of the system.

The motherboard and the hard drive are synchronized in such a way that if you change the hard drive of the system then the HP set of recovery disc will not work with the new hard drive and in this case the system needs to be tattooed in order to synchronized the hard drive with the motherboard.

Therefore I would recommend you to tattoo in order to synchronized the hard drive with the motherboard.

In order to tatoo the hard drive you need to send the computer for the service and that will be chargeable"

WTF?!?!? I am so P.O.d at HP right now!!!!!
This is the response I sent to them:

"ARE YOU FREAKING JOKING?!?!?!? I have to return my cpu and have it
"tattooed"..AT COST!?!?...just because HP does not provide
the actual Windows distribution CDs?!?! That's BULL CRAP!

I will NEVER EVER purchase another HP product!!! HP goes to GREAT EXTREMES
to screw the consumer, and I'll make sure I spread this
message wide and far! "

Their response:
" it is apparent that the issue needs a personal attention of an HP Case Manager.

Therefore, I will go ahead and escalate the case to the concerned department who inturn will get back to you accordingly"

I hate HP!

Sorry for the long post...I'm just so #$%^#@^&@#%@#$% angry right now.
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Old 02-16-2010, 02:07 PM
HP_Sucks Offline
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Join Date: Feb 2010
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I too am having a serious problem with HP. Join my Facebook page look for Hewlett Packard-Sucks
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Old 04-05-2010, 09:26 PM
Blasko Offline
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Join Date: Apr 2010
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HP EOLed my $2,500.00 laptop EIGHT MONTHS AFTER IT WAS RELEASED!!! Told me F$@#! off when I asked for Win 7 drivers for it, and after 3 years, STILL can't manage to produce a stable driver for their 7310xi all in one. Saying they "suck" really doesn't convey just how horrific they really are!!!

To "DaveC2003" I love your argument that "all the companies you work for use them so they must be good". That's kind of like saying, "All the brokerage houses I work with deal in sub prime morgauges so they must be doing great".
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Old 04-27-2010, 03:44 PM
hp_never_again Offline
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My HP PC crashed (graphic card failure was diagnosed). HP support sold me a 2 day turnaround repair with data recovery.

It took 12 days and they recovered nothing. They did not bother to call to give me the option to get it recovered elsewhere. They returned the computer with all data lost.

If you buy any support service from them get it in writing beforehand. After the fact they deny what their support staff sold
-not 2 day turnaround but 2 day shipping
-not data recovery but data transfer

No apologies no nothing. Stonewall all you want HP we have the Internet now. Try to keep us quiet!

I'll never buy another HP product as long as I live. I would advise you all to do the same
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Old 06-14-2010, 10:46 AM
ppitx Offline
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Location: Coldspring, TX
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Angry Worst support I know of

I agree wholeheartedly with the previous posts. I had an HP Multi Function printer, model 6110. It worked OK with Win XP, but HP refused to provide a driver for it for Vista. I had to get rid of it and buy a Canon. The Canon has no support issues, they are far superior to HP. However, like a fool I bought an HP notebook in August, 2008 and upgraded it to Win 7 from Vista last year. HP now refuses to provide software and BIOS updates for this computer. They tell me it is not compatible with Win 7 and I have been running Win 7 on it for about a year now.
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Old 07-07-2010, 01:38 PM
rudeman Offline
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HP does suck

Customer Service from HP – I think not!
After spending $1000 on an HP laptop (mistake number 2) I would never recommend buying an HP computer. With the computer came a 2 year warranty for the hard drive – Exact 2 years and 42 days later the hard drive crashed. I noticed some performance issues with the computer about a year and half into the life of the computer. At that time my options were – wipe the computer clean or deal with the annoying issues of having to reboot the computer every few days. I choose the later as I really did not wipe all my data off the computer (mistake number 2).
Ok, time to bite the bullet I bought the new hard drive and guess what – HP does not include recovery disks anymore – they say you can do a recovery off your hard drive – oops hard drive crashed guess you will have to buy the discs – another $20 out the window. No choice so here we go, new hard drive and new discs. OK
Put in new hard drive and discs. Now put on all software from before went through entire process - finally we are good to go or so I thought. Now Hard drive and software do not recognize ethernet - no hard wire access. Called support in India - first thing out of their mouth want to charge another 99 dollars to discuss. 5 hours later of arguing they finally decide eith motherboard is going bad or need to rewipe hard drive again. What BS.
Will never buy an HP again, too many issues and no service. Stick with an Apple - customer service in US based - you know wha they say - once you do MAC - you will never go back!
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Old 07-08-2010, 04:38 PM
waterGirl19 Offline
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I got my laptop and it wouldn't even start up, first they told me that I did something wrong, then they said that the harddrive was bad and they were going to send me a box to ship it back to them. So I told them my address and the guy typed it in wrong so now until the problem is fixed I have to wait for my fricking laptop and I start college in less than 2 weeks. If you tell them something they don't hear you, they called me so many different names than the one I gave them it was ridiculous. Is Everyone their Deaf?!
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Old 10-25-2010, 10:18 AM
Embolism's Avatar
Embolism Offline
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Inept says it all in my book-from product to website to staff to drivers,we as the consumers deserve better and whilst some of their more high-end systems look the part in reality the problems assosciated with HP are not worth it.
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Old 12-07-2010, 08:27 AM
thecomputergeni Offline
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I have worked in the field of computer repair for 10 years and been working on computers for about 20 years The worst company I have ever encounted was HP.

Printers- 8 times out of 10 there feeders jam up or break. there ink is expensive, and they are made there software is so bloated that it's enough to make the computer go on fire. LOL I must admit years ago when they made the laserjet 4 or the 820 seriers printers the build quality was much better but today they are nothing but garbage. My Dad had an HP for a year some 4000 series. The feeder went. I brought him 2 years ago the lowest model canon for the holiday season is is thrilled with it. Last week I just brought a Lexmark pro901 and I love it. Lexmark used to suck also but at least they improved. NEVER WILL I BUY A HP PRODUCT.

HP PC'S OH BOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From day one I said never never never. and I never did. even 10 years ago they don't post there drivers on the website I used to have to look at the motherboard model number and I would have a better chance on getting the drivers. What this meant was when I was over the old ladies house who lost her disk the project was more stressful then what it had to be. They recovery Partitions a lot of times failed. and tech support was nasty. I always built my own systems due to cost factors I dont do that anymore with customers, but I encourage them to buy dells. Dell gave you the disks. I think as of 2010 they stopped but you can still get the drivers kind of easy. Hp Also had the worst cases to open up for years. everything was always a maize.

If you put a F4200 printer in a hp pavillion computer that had xp I'm almost postive it would take 5 min's for the thing to load I've had that with 3 customers. NEVER BUY HP THEY SUCK AND NEEDS TO DIE !!!!!!!!!! THEY WOULD BE DOING ALL OF US A FAVOR.
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Old 12-17-2010, 12:36 PM
quadcowgirl Offline
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I hate HP CUSTOMER SERVICE! First off they never have the manager call you back like they say they will. You cant understand a word they say all the damn people are middle eastern no damn wonder americans cant find jobs! The because I told this guy I can hardly understand him can you please transfer me to someone i can, he wrote down my phone number and called me at 2 a.m and called me a fucking bitch. I had to block him and you guessed it he was middle eastern!
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Old 01-08-2011, 10:53 AM
terglynn Offline
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Angry HP - Substandard Service Period

Now I have two machines both HP.. and nothing but issues.

My first machine is a door stop literally. Bought the machine 5 years ago and the extended service plan. Died, straight out died, with no warning.
Spent hours on the phone with tech support, hours. Got frustrated with their tech support that doesn't know "squat" and took it to my local guy. He knew within 15 minutes the mother board was bad. We tried to get HP to send a new board under the service plan, they never did and NEVER noted my account as they say they do when you call.

My husband felt bad for my frustration and bought me a new computer for the holidays a few years ago. He got a Compaq. Didn't know that Compaq is now HP.

He also got the service plan.

This past September an issue arose, I emailed HP because you can never get the right person weaving through their maze of voice mail prompts and if you wait noone will ever pick up to help you.

I figured, this is easy, this is just an optical drive that they'll send me and I can put it in within minutes of a snap.

HP emailed me asking my name, address, etc... with the service number.

Nothing happened from that point.

I called November, emailed in November, nothing.

Then unfortunately had to have surgery. Tried calling over the holiday weekend could not get a live person.

FINALLY, after the New Year's Eve weekend got a live person who said "your service plan expired 12/29".

This is true but the whole process started in September. The tech said he would put this through to a second level representative who may be able to assist since it did indeed happen prior to the expiration date of the service plan.

Got a call on January 7th. When they start off with "We're Sorry" you know you're in for it.

They did nothing. I never used my service plan so go screwed out of money for the plan not only on this machine but the prior one.


Both machines could have been repaired locally for what I paid for their plan.

When I asked the "second level" supervisor the man said, no you cannot go to my supervisor. They don't deal with consumers, they run the business. Yes, they run the business to irritate the consumer and not stand by their products.

What ever happened to customer service. HP used to have one of the best. There was nothing they wouldn't do for their consumer. Now they just get your money and say "see ya".

Overall I have another 6 hours total devoted to this issue.

My time to HP is not valuable to say the least.

And overseas tech support...... that's a crock too. Let's take jobs from the US and send them oversees to take jobs away from our own people.

Overseas tech support treats the consumer like a total idiot.

And now my Palm Phone which I have had since forever is owned by this stupid company. What else?


On a good note I bought my husband a Toshiba Laptop through Office Depot. They are wonderful. Bought the accidental service plan. Get this, my cat threw up a fur ball on the keyboard. Called the Service Department... told them the truth and got a new (not refurbished) computer.

How simple is that?
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Old 01-11-2011, 04:07 PM
Antoniocool Offline
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Thumbs down

Hp sucks. I wish I found this site before I bought one of hp's expensive paperweights. Stay away from hp if you work hard for your money and prefer not donating it to worthless companies. I bought a m9500y that was recalled early last year by hp because of defective nvidia 9500 gs graphics card. Hp was replacing these graphics cards with the same defective graphics cards. Then hp gave up all together and refuses to admit that such recall ever existed. I was not notified of the recall by hp but when my graphics card died I called hp they laughed at me and told me to call nvidia. I didn't buy the card from nvidia, hp did and I bought the computer from hp so it's their problem to replace it. After I told them that they said that they were replacing these same graphics cards but not for my model computer. WTF is that supposed to mean? It's the same exact graphics card what difference does it make what computer it's in? It's a bad graphics card. Hp is well aware of this and even went into litigation with nvidia about this exact graphics card. Just stay away from hp they suck. I'll never buy an hp for the rest of my life any other make but never an hp. And never buy a computer with a nvidia graphics card.
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Old 01-15-2011, 08:26 AM
Ondis Offline
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Advice to anyone looking to buy a HP Notebook.

I just registered here to write on the top search for "HP sucks". Granted most new buyers won't search for "HP sucks" But it's worth a shot anyway.

I thought I was an exception when it comes to waiting for half a year for a harddrive but nooo I'm not.

Support is quite bad, but quality is even worse. In Sweden we do talk with swedes on support so I guess it's because of that the support isn't horrible.

There's been countless of stories of supportpeople saying they won't buy HP products themselves in forums and elsewhere and I believe them now more than ever.

Recently while getting my keyboard fixed (their keys are almost impossible to remove for cleaning without damaging them) my battery stops working. It goes from Good to Shit in a few days of none-interactive repairs.

I don't know if its the repairstore who bumped it somehow but I doubt it.
I've googled about this and apparently it can be any number of problems.

HP's shitty motherboard stops to recognise the battery somehow, the battery finally gives in to the shitty fan placement in their DV 6/7's and dies due to overheating or even software errors.

I just know Im never buying a HP ever again in my life.
Sadly in this world of market capitalism and its paradoxes competition which would make it good is diminishing and corporations are swallowing each other all the time. Soon there might not be any more choice than A or B, Ati or Nvidia - all I can hope for is that HP won't be one of those two.
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Old 01-19-2011, 05:11 AM
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Angry Aggravation

I just purchased a all in one printer-model D110a from HP. I spent 2 hrs. on the ph. with 3 different foreigners to find out it was broken. I was told by 2 of them that I had a "nasty attitude". I shipped the printer back for an exchange and now I see that they are charging me again for the same printer. I am disgusted and still don't have a printer which I was promised would be shipped out immediately. Come to find out, they had to wait to get the broken one back. I am praying if and when I get it, it works. I would never do business with them again.
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