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HP Sucks Period!

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Old 09-30-2011, 08:24 PM
screwHP1985 Offline
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Exclamation F**k HP

hey guys, in this time of economic hardship a job is a job. I work for a third party marketing company. we do lead generation for Hewlett Packard. I talk to thousands IT related employees, everyone from VP's of IT to system admins. believe it or not HP actually makes some pretty sweet servers. but their customer support is sh*t. I actually spoke with a director of IT that bought 4 forty thousand dollar SAN's(storage area network). The director told me that they actually spent an extra forty thousand dollars just so that they would have replacement parts on site. why would someone do this. the director told me that the last time they used HP they had a drive go down in one of their servers. they pay big bucks for four hour hardware support on these pieces of equipment, apparently to HP 36 hours is the same as 4 hours.

The servers that were down during this time period controlled the communications system for the fire department, police department, and ambulance systems for the local county. The short comings of HP's costumer support very well could have killed some one in that 36 hour period.
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Old 11-25-2011, 06:48 AM
Crown Offline
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Got the call centre in what sounded like India. Would not have called if the HP website had a well structured help format. I was told that they might help correct my problem if I paid out something like $50. I kinda thought the problem could be solved promptly and easily if I had the chance to talk to someone who knew the problem. Failing that, took my entire system back to Future Shop and was told they would not look at my system but would give me a new HP monitor. They said, the monitor will not cause the problem I had. Ok, went to my computer guy and he said the same thing. The monitor would not cause my computer to lock up. I suggested it was not the monitor but could it have something to do with the software.
So my PC went on locking up every 30 minutes or so for a few weeks. I cleaned up the registry and fooled around with this and that and now it works fine. Regardless, the PC worked fine before I installed the new monitor software. I can't read or write software nor do I think it's legal. These drivers, you got to use them and who knows what they are writing into them for the companies own benefit. I have other HP stuff and every time I power on it reminds me to buy HP.
Think its time to start demanding the exectutives who run HP are fired because they have destroyed an otherwise good company with a long history.
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Old 12-05-2011, 04:49 PM
laura86 Offline
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So glad I found this forum..

So that I can vent real quick about how absolutely disappointed I am in; not only in their product but in their customer service as well. I purchased an HP laptop in November of 2010 while I was working at Radio Shack, literally a week after having it the keyboard went out on it, so I sent it in for repairs. It came back and functioned fine until about a month ago when the keyboard went out, AGAIN. So I sent it in and thankfully it was still covered under warranty. I received the laptop back and wasn't able to get around to making sure it was fixed properly for about a week due to work, when I finally sat down to check it out, I could not for the life of me get the battery to snap back in. My boyfriend fiddled with it for about an hour until he realized that whatever dumb a@@ had re-assembled my laptop had messed up the lock on the battery. SO I had to call HP back to inform them of this, and they told me that because my warranty had ran out ONE DAY prior to my call there was nothing they could do, so I opened a case with them to demand that they would indeed fix it because they had caused the issue I was now having. The case manager I was assigned was named Orlando, and he was a total prick. I received the box to send the laptop back out in and he said I had until Friday to get it out, well I had a family emergency come up and had to fly out of town that weekend and was unable to send it, he calls me and cops an attitude about getting it out by Wednesday of next week. I can't believe the way he spoke to me! I am definitely done with HP after this experience I have had. While I have been without my lap top for a month now I've been using my boyfriends mac book pro and I'm telling you Apple is the way to go. I know they are pricey, but they are worth the money, very well made unlike HP's crap. Their product is junk to begin with and their customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. I would not recommend any of their products to anyone!!
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Old 02-12-2012, 12:25 PM
Macinbham Offline
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HP Sucks

I recently purchased a new laptop with Windows 7 and I'm so disappointed that I cannot download the Solutions Center to my HP Officejet 6500 printer. Without the Solutions Center, one cannot scan or fax. I first thought it was an issue I just didn't spend enough time on. However, the internet is loaded with stories about people with the same problem. You would think HP would have the backbone to stand behind their name and products. It's a shame that a company with such a big brand name refuses to step up to the plate and take care of issues like this. Next time I need a new piece of equipment, I'll shy away from HP. Too bad.
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Old 04-23-2012, 09:42 PM
HP Warranty Woe Offline
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Unhappy Hp Warranty Woes & Hard Drive Heartache

HP – Warranties Woes & Hard Drive Headaches.

Dear Internet Community (I.C)
I need your help.
I would like to know if I’m being unreasonable in my expectations or is Hewlett Packard (HP) not living up to its both moral & legal obligations as a good corporate citizen & what it alleges to be – a Customer Focused Global Computer Services company.
Apologies if this is a little long winded but in the interests of fairness I need to put as many HP comments in as possible – to give you a clear picture.
So bear with me, you will not be disappointed & there are a couple of questions you might like to answer & feedback to the appropriate parties.
Keep in mind at all times we are talking about approximately a $200 (NZD) fix – less than the lost profit on one lost sale for an HP PC ( you might think twice about HP products after reading this).
There are two parts to this problem :

Part 1 :
I purchased an HP Touch Smart a few years ago, I registered the product & warranty with them & over the years have received have received numerous emails stating “buy this, upgrade now”.
But I don’t recall ever receiving an “WARNING – Critical Failure Issue (CFI) apply attached patch immediately” email while under warranty. Why is this relevant?
 Seagate makes Hard Drives – in this case a Barracuda 7200.11
 HP buys said HD’s from Seagate
 Seagate finds a problem with firmware in HD’s & advises HP & supplies a fix
 HP knows which Customers have these HD’s, because you know what goes into your machines – right ? - see below
 HP FAILS to send email to Customers with the fix (a simple email with attachment would solve problem) or issue recall.
 HP even offers previously to fix problem FOC & puts fix on its Website - but only if the Customer knows somehow of the problem.
 Should the Customer intuitively& telepathically know of problems in HP Products in advance before it fails, because of course HP is not telling their Customers.

Problem or Outcome: My HD has bricked itself & will not operate as I never received notice of the firmware fix at any time either in or out of warranty.

Paul Boshoff - G M -Personal Systems Group- HP NZ (PB- GMPSG) says

“It would be very difficult, if not impossible, for any computer vendor to proactively notify it’s customers of component-level updates”
“Failures of the kind you’ve experienced are usually related to a specific batch of serial numbers and often those component serial numbers aren’t available when the user is registering that particular computer.”
Now let me know if you think I’m wrong, but it sounds like HP does not know what goes into its machines or at the very minimum does not keep track of this.
HP, a Global Computer Services company cannot possibly be expected to track what goes into its machines. HP apparently does not record or match the serial number of the HD with the machine it goes into.
If Ford & Toyota can track & record what tyres go on which make & model of their cars which are in the millions each year & can recall cars dating back 8-10 years just case of a manufacturers component malfunction why can’t HP link & record the HD details.
I can just hear it now “I’m sorry we don’t know which engine we put in your car”.
And let’s be real clear here – we are not talking about some small screw at the back of a PC – Along with the CPU & the RAM, the Hard Drive is pretty much up there in the top 3 of important components of any computer.

I.C – Do you feel
 That fills you with confidence in HP products & services ?
 Should HP be required to tell its customer of CFI’s with its products – particularly while under warranty?
 Has HP tried to limit their liability & cost by directly NOT telling Customers of CFI’s while under warranty?

Part 2 :
When your HD bricks itself – apparently all is not lost – some very clever person has found a solution so you can get the HD going long enough to apply the firmware fix & then your HD is a good as new – Here is the link that spells it out with pics
You’ll see the relevance of this shortly.
After much messing about I received the following email from PB- GMPSG : “I have escalated your issue and have just received the go-ahead to repair your unit at our cost. We will be utilizing our own, authorized service provider to re-install the original hard-drive and to run the software fix on that unit.” (This guy most likely earns a six figure salary & isn’t able to sign off $200 fix).
NOTE : it does not limit or restrict what type of fixes will be used & also at this time HP was aware of both the Seagate fix & above fix.
I delivered the PC & bricked HD into the HP Authorised Repair Centre (ARC) as requested –their ticket instructions read “do firmware update…HP to incur costs. NO COST to customer”.
Obviously it’s not rocket science but you need the HD going before you can apply any firmware fix including this one – HP knew that to get the HD going they would need a special fix to enable them to apply the Seagate fix.
After all this is not an isolated case & I did point out to HP that they would need the fix I supplied (or something similar HP approved or designed if that made them more comfortable) prior to their offer of fixing the HD.
HP said their ARC’s had all the right software for fixing their machines. In addition I have been told on several occasions, the ARC’s are the bee’s knees, the cat pajamas, the whiz kids of the PC service world “The first port of call for the repair centre agent is to download all the latest service advisory notices and updates. This is a very fundamental part of the repair process and one that we spend a great deal of time emphasizing with our authorised repair centres” Keep this in mind.
A week later I received a call from Peter Gasporaratos, HP CS Melbourne (poor guy – caught in the middle) & stated “there is nothing else we can do for you”. When I asked if they had applied the fix he said “its not our responsibility.. its not part of our guidelines.. the ARC does not practice unauthorised methods..& this ARC will not go down this path”
Ironically the day before, Barry from the ARC said “we can attempt it, but we will charge you too”. So HP’s own ARC will do it, but there will be a cost – but hang on a minute, didn’t PB- GMPSG say “to repair your unit at our cost. We will be utilizing our own, authorized service provider to re-install the original hard-drive and to run the software fix on that unit” & HP CS put on the instructions “HP to incur costs. NO COST to customer”.

I.C – Do you feel
 HP have said they will fix it at NO COST to me, regardless of what the fix entails ?
 Should HP honour this commitment ?
 Would you do business with a company that says one thing & does another & does not honour its commitment ?
 That given the bricking fault did not need to happen if HP had been proactive in letting their customers know of the firmware issue & this is not an isolated case– shouldn’t they then be responsible in finding or developing a fix for getting the HD going long enough to apply the firmware fix if they are not going to use other recognised fixes.

So that’s it – what do you think I.C. ?
Would you want HP computers & servers controlling the Traffic Lights, Air Traffic Control, Patient records & Medications at Hospitals knowing that HP will not tell these organisations that there is CFI with their products & they could suddenly lose everything. All dead while they try to find a back up computer with all the data – god forbid if President Obama’s “football” is powered by an HP – Nuclear War before we know it.
But seriously – I would love your feedback – Am I being unreasonable in asking them to honour their commitment for a $200 fix ?
And of course HP being a Customer Focused Global Computer Services company, would welcome your feedback.
Here are a couple of the players contact details who would love to hear from you :

 Keith Watson – CEO –HP NZ -I initially contacted him & he thanked me for bringing it to his attention, then nothing.
Email :
 Paul Boshoff - G M -Personal Systems Group- HP NZ – well of course you now know who he is now – he would love feedback.
Email :
 Jessica Rangi – She’s the Spokes person/PR/Marketing for HP NZ & has just help launch HP new PC range in NZ – She would love your feedback as it might impact on her marketing & she is quoted as having helped out in warranty situations before & has worked at HP head office.
Email :
 Meg Whitman - President and Chief Executive Officer of HP Global
Email :

They would all like to hear from you J

 Thanks for being patience & reading through to the end – now it’s up to you
 buy HP Products & Services or not.
 Do HP deserve your hard earned money if you now believe they aren’t going tell you about problems with their Product & Services.

Be kind to one another & take care.


P.S - I sent this blog to HP for fact & quote checking prior to uploading (I gave them over a week to reply) – the silence was deafening from HP.
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