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I Hate Bill Gates

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Old 11-05-2002, 10:04 AM
ZeroXron Offline
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Firstly ive found out that any memory consuming program ie hosting game servers, video editing, whether fully compatable with xp or not runs better on 98se cos it uses so little memory, also ever since SP1 XP is constantly screwing up i.e. bodgy music and mouse movement (temp freezing). Also that evil bill gates is slowing XP down with spieware and then releasing his good new software only for XP saying its incompatable with older versions of windows (my arse it is) and is forcing us to upgrade to his bugy and insecure NT mess of an operating system.
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Old 11-05-2002, 05:29 PM
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Naaahhhhh!! I'm not having any of it.
Where there's a will, There's a way.
Pay developers, not Rapidshare!
I know nowt, but at least I'm trying.
Quality, not quantity.
Prevention is better than cure.
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Old 11-10-2002, 06:49 AM
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I think the open source community will boom over the next few years.

Yes I use XP, but I feel I am somewhat forced into it. Why? because most of the software I need has no Linux port yet.

I think this will change and as the gerneral user becomes more and more savvy and linux becomes less intese the FREE and infinately mor stable alternative will begin to enter the homes of many.

My own son (9) has Win98 cos all he does is play games and use the net. I stole his PC for a few days to use as a web server. Linux was installed and he loved the fact that he was messing with an OS that 99% of his mates have never heard of and he picked it up quite well. BUT his beloved games would not run - So back to win98.

Let's face it Mr Gates has made the PC acessable to the many and makes millions from his business products. Why no FREE OS for home users?

If you bought a car that was as reliable as any Win release would you not take it back to the dealer?
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Old 11-10-2002, 05:50 PM
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Actually I have found that almost all software is now useable on Linux. Most (but still not all), windows games can be run on Linux with two applications called Wine and WineX. Open Office takes care of almost all MS Office documents, and XMMS combined with the still difficult to use MPlayer take care of all non-DRM poisoned media. Almost there, but not quite yet. Dual-booting is always an option.
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Old 10-17-2003, 07:50 PM
cX_GX Offline
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yeah billgates has made each os more and more incompatable and bloated than the previous... all while not adding any more functionality.
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Old 10-18-2003, 05:40 PM
Play_The_0dds's Avatar
Play_The_0dds Offline
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the system requirements on the box for xp are the biggest joke, recommended 128mb ram minimum 64 mb, it will run on 128, if you strip it down to run in best performance mode. i wont install it on a machine with less than 256mb, and a at least 750 mhz processor, anything less gets 2k. alot of the hardware can be made to work by forcing 2k drivers, which work ok if there is no xp driver for the device. as for the operating systems made by microsoft, they all have problems of some sort, your hardware plays a very important role in this, you cant expect any os to support every piece of hardware or software made. alot of trouble with "xp" is from software/hardware conflicts such as cd burning software, have to disable the on-board software if you use record now or easy cd creator, and some of the older versions wont work at all even if you do, nero doesn't seem to have a problem, at least the last few releases. take the time to google search your hardware, and see what drivers, tips from forums, and any heads up on it you can find.i read forums all the time just to see what people can trash next, started posting here, but got sick of buttholes, either they say i am over their head, so i backed off to a (idiots guide to help) kind of answers, then they say that it isn't enough, when i start with the basics and work up, there is no magic wand i can wave, and in a forum with little information provided, what do they expect, they want quick answers, provide better information. nice post top of the screen covers it all, read this first, they in to big of a hurry to bother. i will still read this forum, as i have for about a year now, may post in this section, but they can fix their own crap.
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Old 10-18-2003, 08:18 PM
chance's Avatar
chance Offline
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dont let them get you down criminal i think i seen the post you were talking about in the xp forums. if it was the guy about the folder options and he was as smart as he wanted everyone to believe he would have backed up his reg before doing that anyway.
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Old 10-18-2003, 08:29 PM
Play_The_0dds's Avatar
Play_The_0dds Offline
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i do try to go to fast sometimes, guess i try to hard, if i ask for all the info they seem to get aggrevated. i guess i am burned out. been having a bad week. water heater on the second floor ruptured killing three of the computers in the lower office, had to buy and setup those, then some idiot opened a email that had some porn looking stuff with a attchment, the email read " you must disable anti virus software to watch the movie" he did.......
had to clean that crap out without loosing his work from that day. i will post again, just taking a break, i was still aggrevated when i posted that above,...sorry, just had to let it out i guess. i posted a couple time since then, so wont be long and i will be all over the place again. bet people get sick of my name anyway.
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Old 10-26-2003, 03:52 AM
cX_GX Offline
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Hail Bill Gates! He's just the non-greedy bestest person in the world! Lets all give him our hard earned money for each new piece of trash OS he comes out with.. seemingly every other year at least.
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Old 10-26-2003, 06:05 AM
LooseChippings's Avatar
LooseChippings Offline
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If you don't like the Bill Gates method of computing why not change?

Go Linux or Mac!

Vote with your wallet and feel a bit of pride that you are not adding to his billions or the billions he gives to charity every year.

The Choice is Yours
Learn from other peoples mistakes not your own.
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Old 10-26-2003, 08:48 AM
pcfanatic2's Avatar
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there is always a fix!
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You have been unlucky with xp,I myself would appear to have been very lucky as when I hooked up my new tower to my montor,printer etc and booted xp home for the first time it told me it had detected my epson printer and proceede to use one of it,s own drivers to run it and it has run fine ever since.
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Old 10-29-2003, 03:23 PM
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scouse Offline
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No problems at all with Xp i find it easy to use very very stable, it does not give me problems when i install drivers for any hardware i may of installed. although i do agree some items are a pain in the back to get working correct. but overall i would say Xp is a very good OS. as for Bill Gates this is how i look at it, would I or anyone else refuse his position making BILLIONS?. i doubt there would be many takers saying no. also as for his OSs having problems. i fail to see how Xp or any of his other previous OSs could be made fool proof. there is always going to be clever people to pry into them and see what mischief they can cause. I do agree he could of made a lot of flaws avoidable but there is always going to be flaws that is in my eyes unavoidable. as for do i care about the guy no why should i. he would not give me the time of day but i do not give a crap about that.

Loosechippings is correct in his post Bill gates and his wife give massive amounts of money to charritys and i mean massive sums of money. he gets demonized so easyily yet if you realy look at the guy and what he does and were his heart is at i cannot fault the guy.

The Gateses are pouring billions of dollars into world health initiatives, a cause they have backed since 1994 but have tackled with rising fervor in the past couple of years. The extent of their giving has grown so quickly that the world has barely begun to absorb the implications.Their money is being used to dramatically expand and improve international vaccination efforts. They are bankrolling programs to find new ways to stop the world’s greatest killers, including AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.
The Gateses have created a foundation worth $25 billion, the largest in the world, and have pledged to give it most of the rest of their $41 billion fortune, derived largely from stock in Bill Gates’s company, Microsoft Corp.

maybe because i am less than 1 hand count from 40 and i have matured and mellowed is the reason for how i see things, probably turn the clock back 20 years and if Bill was about then then i would probably be ranting. but i truely cannot see the big problem. i will again agree he can and should of fixxed certain things that he knew could of been avoided. But i cannot see why he would choose to blatenly allow things to happen, i would imagine he probably says 5h1t every time ther is a problem like all of us.
the open source OSs are a great i have never tryed to run one yet as i am more than happy with using M$ products. but i will give it a go and see what it is all about. maybe then i will see a different side to not Bill gates but the M$ OSs till then i am happy.

My friends well 2 of them run Linux and love them and are happy to not go back to M$. it does look like M$ will have some serious competition in the future, infact it is already building with certain Goverments swapping all there Comps over to open source OSs. i guess M$ have there eyes on this and are wondering how do you compete with FREE ?.
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Old 11-20-2003, 09:33 AM
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Well see the problem I have with the whole "Bill Gates" idea is that, it's not only him developing these OS's. I believe we shouldn't give him all the credit for all the faults even if he is the "BIG CHEESE"...

Now as far as XP goes.. Never actually ran a "Legit" XP... so I had tons of problems with that... So now.. I've gone down a step to 98 to save up for XP... or maybe try an open source OS.

But I've been looking at the new MAC G5 Specs... and oh boy... i would kill to get one of those..

Again.. I think we shouldn't be pointing our hatred soley towareds him.
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Old 11-20-2003, 05:11 PM
Play_The_0dds's Avatar
Play_The_0dds Offline
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this has kind of turned into a like/dislike xp post, i dont usually make a post as to what i like one-way-or-the-other, but in the world of windows XP is the very best, if you have the system to run it. i installed 2k on my machine at home after buying a new hard drive, i went back to xp soon after, i used 2k for about a year when it was new, i still install and setup 2k for people, but as for using it, was very rusty. xp has so much more flexability then 2k, as far as driver support, i dont care, i am going to use the mfg drivers anyway, and usually the latest ones. if for no other reason, the trasparent icon text makes it worth having. but the muti media capabilities are the true winner for me, i can open several audio apps, such as media player, paltalk and yahoo. and cannot with 2k or earlier.i am sad to hear redhat home user supported os will be dropped by linux to focus on the server systems.
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Old 11-27-2003, 01:53 PM
deanrantala Offline
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A view on Linux and Windows

Kinda new here.. But this thread cought my attention...

I have used Linux AND Unix exclusively now for nearly 2 years. The most debated questions with Linux is the "wich distro" one.... Well, here it is...

SuSE is perhaps the easiest to use and most automated, it truly stands up to XP in terms of user freindlyness.

Mandy is not far off, but not as polished.

RH is great but has always been geared just a little more towards the geek.

If you are not afraid of getting your "hands dirty" and actually learn something, the Slackware, Debian, and Gentoo are also nice. If you go with a Debian-based distro, you have the advantage of apt - wich is a wonderfull tool that lets you install any peice of software by mearly typing "apt-get install blah blah blah" It automatically DL's, installs, and configures the new software for you on-the-fly. And of coarse, like all Linux software, it is all free.

If you want to get the feel of Linux, DL the Knoppix ISO. Knoppix is an entire Linux OS thet runs *completely from the CD* - thats right, you do not even need a HD, it is totally run from the CD. It is nice because it lets you get an idea what Linux and the KDE desktop is like, Knoppix (when booted) autodetects all your hardware, configures your network, sets up your vidoe, sound, and even loads your printer drivers. The disk contains over 2 gigs of software that is uncompressed on-the-fly including 2 office suites, the Mozilla web browser, multimedia playback software, Graphick editing apps, and much more.

As for windows software on llinux.. Support has gotten good. With a program like "wine" - you can run many Windows apps on linux. And the nice thing is: wine "Is Not Emulator" - it is the same thing Win2k/XP does - it creates a "compatability layer". It basically creates a entire "fake windows" directory structure, builds a registry, and loads a cusion between Linux and the Windows app - just as @2K and XP do (NT-based OS's do not run normal Windows apps natively for the record). Currently, I run Office 2000 absolutely great as well as Photoshop, Kazaa, 3D home architect 5 and DreamWeaver.

Linux has progressed to a level of usability far more than many currently think, it is just not as well known to many. Just as XP has it's advantages, so does Linux, and just as XP has it's downs, so does Linux as well. We must not forget, however that while Linux might stand as one of the most versetile and solid OS's availabe, Microsoft has defined the GUI, Linux has just followed the trend now. Windows is not evil, nor is Linux.

Just my .02
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