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How to install Homeworld 2, and possibly some other awkward games...

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Old 01-04-2012, 07:24 PM
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How to install Homeworld 2, and possibly some other awkward games...

Hi all.

So for those of you that don't know what homeworld 2 is, it is a 3DRTS made by the now defunked Sierra. it's a fantastic game (I will be doing a walkthrough for it on my YT channel soon enough) and if you have the time just spend a couple of dollars/pounds/yen/whatever your country's currency is and buy this game. However, as great as a game it is, it can have MAJOR ISSUES on some systems, mainly, windows Vista and windows 7. In this guide, I shall explain how to fight back the software awkwardness.

NOTE: SOME of this may work for other games, but i still suggest researching into the fixes for the older games you are hoping to run by using this guide.

Before we begin on the main fix though, I would like to point out NOT to try this if you DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. IT COULD BE FATAL TO THE SYSTEM. Ask someone who knows what they are doing to assist you.

So lets start off with basic fixes...

For those of you NOT using a WIN7 or WINVISTA and are on WINXP, then try reinstalling the game, updating your drivers, and other basic functions like that. In theory, the game should then run.

for those of you USING WINVISTA and WIN7...

Now there are actually two copies of this game - the original copy, and the "Reload" copy, the Reload copy having more problems than the original (but the Reload copy comes with a working patch for your reigon, and if you can't get hold of this copy then it may be a UK only thing and im not aware lol)

For the ORIGINAL copy:
1. Install the game. It should install fine if it is an original copy.
2. Update the game using the GERMAN 1.1 patch. I believe there is a cracked version for 64 bit systems but I don't remember, since I don't use this copy all that often. (Don't worry, your language won't change...Not from what I know anyway. You may want to check this out before patching though, I may be wrong)
3. Run the patched version of homeworld 2 in WINDOWS NT compatbility mode (I know it sounds weird, but it WORKS)
4. IF the compatbility doesn't work, it may be one of the following; you installed the wrong patch, in which case you will need to START AGAIN, It may be the wrong version of the German patch (there is a cracked version for 64 bit systems).
6. (ONLY IF COMPATBILITY DOESN'T WORK) Restart the computer, and enter your BIOS. Make sure your hard drive is the first boot device. Proceed to then check your SATA mode and make sure it is in ACHI mode (I think that's how its spelt. Feel free to correct me if it is mispelt.) then proceed to test the game once you load back into windows. It SHOULD be working.

for the RELOAD copy of the game:
1. The first issue you will notice (from my own experience) is that the autoplay SIMPLY REFUSES to install the game. You will need to manually enter the disc, right-click autoplay and go into properties. Go to the compatbility tab and place it in windows NT compatbility, then try installing the game via the autoplay. NOTE: Make sure all system change request popups are DISABLED. For some unknown reason it interferes with the installation. Also, a reboot may be required for the install to work.
2. Hopefully it will install at this point. If not, then the same BIOS work as mentioned in the instructions for the original copy is needed. Once it installs, make sure the homeworld2.exe is running in NT compatbility. Test the install worked. If not, go over the previous step and make sure you did everything correctly.
3. Install the patch that is ON THE CD. Check the NT compatbility is still active on the HW2 EXE after patching (It sometimes turns itself off after patching on my system, NO IDEA why...)
4. It SHOULD be working at this point.

IF ALL THE ABOVE FAILS THERE IS ONE MORE METHOD YOU CAN TRY. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS WITHOUT AN EXPERIENCED UBUNTU LINUX USER WITH YOU (Ive only heard this method from my friend, so PLEASE do correct me if anything is wrong here)

1. Download the Ubuntu Linux with the Wine program onto your computer, and burn the ISO to a blank CD. NOTE: you CANNOT burn ISO files to a CD in the regular manner. You need to prepare it in a special manner, but to save you time I found a program to burn it for you - FreeISOBurner. Link here:
2. Boot the computer from the newly burned CD ISO Ubuntu and insert the HW2 disk.
3. Use the Wine program to install HW2 INTO your windows files. Im not sure how risky this is, so as stated before, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AN EXPERIENCED UBUNTU USER WITH YOU.


when booting Homeworld 2 for the first time, or after patching, it WILL complain about obselete drivers (if in NT compatbility mode and you did everything correctly). Ignore this, it just doesn't recognise the newer tech.

If you have any other issues I haven't covered or thought of in this tutorial, send me a private message and I will do my best to help.7

To play online, you can use anything mentioned below (Gamespy just requires you to have the client on your system. you dont ACTUALLY NEED AN ACCOUNT, since HW2 accesses the servers via the client in the in-game menu. As for Gameranger, most people use a NoCdCrack, which I Will happily send to anyone if you cannot find the 3.39 MB nocdcrack EXE file. Remember, this MUST be run in NT compatbility still.

Before anyone asks me (if they so wished to ask in the first place ) I am happy to play with anyone on Steam, Gameranger, Gamespy and Hamachi, not just homeworld 2, but other games such as TF2, Age of Mythology, etc. Just give me a bell and I'll see if I can play with you on any of the games I own

As for other games, some of this may be useful, such as nocdcracks are common for older games and may allow you to play WITHOUT compatbility, and some of the BIOS editing may help too, but just try basic things like run as admin, compatbility, nocdcracks, and other items before BIOS and Ubuntu stuff.

Just keep calm, and brony on.
Make noodles, not war.
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