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Windows ME only has 16 Colors

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Old 12-02-2009, 07:37 AM
datishowido Offline
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Windows ME only has 16 Colors

I just reinstalled Windows ME and it only has 16 colors, this happend the last time I installed but at that time I was able to get on AOL and download a program that was NVidia to get all the colors back. Now I have Netzero Internet and it needs a higher resolution in order to be installed, where do I go to download NVidia that will work that I can install... I am on a schools pc and need help getting the colors from mine at home... the ME disk i have only had the 16 colors in it, no more... On the site Geeks to Go they helped me with it once...I need your help ASAP, Thanks

I forgot to mention all the useful stuff so yall could help me properly.
Compaq Monitor (The old one went up in smokes, in other words it nearly caught fire, if I wasnt there to catch its smoking and do something about it, I would have more probs then just a pc one)
Gateway PC
64MB of RAM (I know, low for todays standards)
Standard PCI VGA
Now has Windows ME, I know that the video driver works, I was good when I originally had Windows 98, then I upgraded to ME, then XP, but it didnt have enough memory for XP so I downgraded to ME... What would the file name be on the XP disk to install the video drivers so I could get out of 16 Colors to something more around 16 bit? When Windows ME only had 16 Colors before, I downloaded NVidia, and now I need the colors to access the internet and make it better.

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Old 12-20-2009, 11:44 AM
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pip22 Offline
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The Windows ME disc won't have a suitable driver on it to get more than 16 colours. It only has a standard Microsoft driver (16 colours only) so you can at least get Windows up and running with any video card until you can install the proper manufacturer's video driver.

It has to be an NVidia driver, nothing else will work. You haven't given us the information we need, which is the actual model number of your Gateway PC. We can then use that model number to find out which NVidia driver you need, because there's no such thing as "one driver fits all". It would be so much easier for everyone if there was!

We also need to know which part of the world you live in (it's not in your profile) because NVidia, like most manufacturer's, use different model numbers in different countries and often fit different components in different parts of the world. They cater for this by having regional support websites. We need to know which region is the right one for you.

If you feel competent to navigate around the Gateway website yourself, go here:

Click on the relevant country or region, then when that new page has loaded, mouse-over "Support" then click "Drivers & Downloads".

Now use the 3 drop-down boxes to select your type of PC, the series, and it's model number.

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Old 03-07-2011, 02:16 AM
frank jonhson Offline
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I was good when I originally had Windows 98, then I upgraded to ME, then XP, but it didnt have enough memory for XP so I downgraded to ME... What would the file name be on the XP disk to install the video drivers so I could get out of 16 Colors to something more around 16 bit
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Old 06-07-2011, 07:53 AM
harry12 Offline
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I presume the original poster has modest internet requirements, so it might soon be time to upgrade with a motherboard that includes the video chips, and a lot more memory, since memory is cheap now.
Your HDD will be the next to go along with your past data - so it may be time to get a new PC up and running, and copy your useful stuff.

This would allow you to use the old-PC without further installing drivers etc. which creates some risk, although you can reinstall the OS it's better not to, IMHO due the time.

The Old PC can be assigned to email activity and so on....leaving the new PC for all other tasks.

Sad to read you nearly had a fire, but I guess that's an increasing risk with old hardware . . . . . something that we should include in our personal safety . . . . although PC's are remarkable really shouldn't leave them powered unless you are doing some chore (like defrag) whilst you are away/asleep. Also, depending where you live, aa connected PC is likely to suffer from power/storm/lightning whereas if it's Off (with plug removed), the risk is much less.

I'm really surprised your PC is running only 16-colours, that's what MS had before Windows!
(indeed I'm surprised by the same for the OP.)
I recall my own Win98SE was up to 16-bit colours with the MS driver on the installation disc - this was before manufacturers had fancy drivers and many folk relied on the default driver supplied by MS. But then I never played Games, so my video-card was only basic.
I would expect if you can find yr video-card partnumber (somewhere under Device Manager) then search for suitable driver. If you can goosd idea to save to a CD, so you have a known good copy, just in case....put it in the box with other "Essential discs"

Incidently (for OP)....if you buy a cheapie video-card you will save some money off the mbd (since you don't need those video-chips), and you allow for upgrading, should this become necessary. Cheap Vid cards have their own memory, so they don't "steal" resources from the main RAM, this means programs should run faster - you are likely to see a 10x or 20x improvement, I'm guessing.... Good luck.

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