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"whois" equivalent in CMD?

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Old 02-08-2003, 03:10 PM
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"whois" equivalent in CMD?

I use "whois" command to check whois. What similar program can be used in CMD (Command Program)?

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Old 02-10-2003, 10:22 PM
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dns [-cmd { ... }] [-flush] [-list] nick [nick1 nick2]

Will whois a nick and then provide a reverse DNS ip lookup. A -cmd { } structure can be used todo something with that particular result. -flush will clear the whois buffer in case of a problem. -list will display pending whois requests.

/dns buddhax
/dns -cmd { echo $* } buddhax


nslookup [-cmd { ... }] host1 [[host2] [host3] ...]


whois [<nickname>]

The whois command is used to retrieve moderately detailed information about the nickname(s) specified. whois may be used on multiple nicknames at once, provided they are delimited with commas. If a server name is specified, that server will be queried instead of the client's current server. If no arguments are given, the whois will be performed on the client itself.

To get information on users JoeBob, ToeJam, and JuneBug:
/whois joebob,toejam,junebug

This command will attempt to lookup a hostname, ip. As well you can lookup multiple hosts or ips. A alias or cmd may be specified which is then performed on each. If a failure occurs, then the failing name is returned, whereas on success, the name and the associated ip's are returned. There is also a hook which can be used only upon those nslookups without a -cmd.

To nslookup a ip:
/nslookup ip

To nslookup a ip and perform a command:
/nslookup -cmd { echo $G $* } hostname

Good enough?
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