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How to protect laptop from Theft
Published  06/19/2011 | Security | Rating:
How to protect laptop from Theft

Your laptop is at as great a risk of theft as it is of spyware, Trojans and hackers infecting it. At times, the threat can be greater simply because it’s so easy to have your laptop stolen. If this weren’t the case, airline pilots wouldn’t have laptops with the social security numbers and personal details of some 3600 employees compromised.

For all the encryption methods available, there are also ways to prevent your
laptop from being stolen. The number one, easiest, cheapest and most obvious laptop protection technique is to simply be aware that it’s an easy target for theft. Stay alert at all times.

Never leave your laptop alone at a table in a restaurant or public place. Be aware of the unsecure areas from which your laptop could be stolen like for instance, a crowded bus, or when walking home late at night. Just the very thought that you’re responsible for something incredibly important is enough most of the time.

A security cable is one of the most popular laptop protection tools. You wrap the cable around an immovable object and insert the locking head through the cable loop. An immovable object can include anything from sinks, around steering wheels, pipes that go into the sink and even the base of the toilet. Even if a thief sneaks into your house when you’re asleep, it won’t be easy for him to walk in and walk out with your information. Motion detecting alarms are also available for laptops. Simply attach it to a carry case or laptop, alarm it with the adjoining key pad and it’s ready to yell at the slightest bump or jiggle. Remember to keep the batteries fully functional. Many motion detecting alarms are included with security cable nowadays.A unique method is Caveo’s Anti-Theft PC Cards. They operate by detecting motion, analyzing it to determine whether a threat exists, and implementing responses. They are independent of the computer operating system and operate whether the laptop is on or off. If an armed system is carried beyond a perimeter specified by the user, Caveo Anti- Theft assumes theft and invokes strong responses, including preventing access to the operating system, securing passwords and encryption keys, and sounding an audible alarm (which is optional). This same technology is used by museums to prevent collection theft. One or more combination of the above technique and tools should be more than enough to ensure necessary laptop protection.

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