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How to protect your computer from snoopware
Published  06/19/2011 | Security | Rating:
How to protect your computer from snoopware

Snoopware is malware deployed invisibly in your system. The snoop software can store just about anything that you do in your computer. Snoopware can store all the keystrokes you make. Snoopware can also get all your login information. Snoopware can store and log all your typed URLs, store credit card numbers and can also log all the windows you opened. It can also take screenshots of your system at specified intervals. Above all, snoopware can send all these data to any remote location, automatically, using your Internet connection (which can be combated using firewalls).

Snoopware mainly employed for monitoring employee activities and activities of children on the net. However, it’s mainly employed for malicious purposes and can be considered in the same league as spyware. Besides, even if the software is there without your permission at work, it’s ultimately you who decides whether you want your activities to be known or not. If you are very hesitant in revealing your private and important data, it becomes essential to fight back and snoop out the snoopware. Thankfully there is anti-snoopware software that will help you find out the snoopware in your system and also clean them from your computer.

Your first step is to download a good anti-spyware program (Spybot: Search and Destroy will work nicely). Scan your computer for spyware, which can range from registry keys, cookies, and other snoopware and loggers installed in your system. Remove the installed spywares and cookies using Spybot. Of course, even if you remove these snooping programs from your computer, there is no guarantee it won’t come back. Like an anti-virus scanner, schedule daily updates and scans to keep your system clean, safe and up to date. There are plenty of new snoopware being developed on a daily basis, so Spybot’s easy and secure updating comes in handy. Firewalls are most useful for denying any one remote access into your computer. Also see the section on keyloggers for effectively combating snoopware that records your keystrokes.

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