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How to Hide contact list on mobile phone
Published  06/19/2011 | Security | Rating:
How to Hide contact list on mobile phone

These days, mobile phones are indispensable companions. We find it difficult to do away with them. Nevertheless, it holds personal details and contacts to such an extent that it deserves the attention it gets from us. In fact, there’s software aimed at protecting all the information in there.

On such application is Hidden Contacts by Tektronic SRL. You can download this application at With this application loaded, you can assign a password to select contacts on your list. For example, if you have some critical contacts that you wish to keep as a closely guarded Take control of your call and message logs with Private Call and SMS guard secret, this application is for you. Not only does it hide the contact and other details in the list, it also sends the messages directly to the contact without having the message stored in the default sent items folder of your phone.

Additionally this application lets you lock the call log function of the phone. Not only will no one else know what you messaged your secret contacts, they won’t even know if you called them. This ensures you and your contact of privacy.

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