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How to use Anti-virus on mobile devices
Published  06/19/2011 | Security | Rating:
How to use Anti-virus on mobile devices

The rules for virus protection are more or less similar to those that hold true for PCs. Popular PC anti virus names also have solutions for mobile phones. Among them the most popular are F-Secure. You can access this at Once you click on this link, you need to select the phone you use and then download the appropriate file. You will find the experience familiar with it downloading the virus database the first time.

F-Secure is an all-in-one suite and serves as an anti-theft application, anti-spyware and firewall in addition to being an anti virus. Click on the link that says try on the bottom right of the home page and you will be asked to register yourself. Fill in your name, country and email address. That is all the information they require of you. A download link is promptly sent to your email address. F-Secure also lets you run a real-time scan of your mobile. If it finds a virus in real time, it will prompt you. You can choose between viewing the file or deleting it.

Another popular mobile anti-virus is Kaspersky Labs' mobile solutions. You can download the application at

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