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How to Filter spam messages on mobile phone
Published  06/19/2011 | Security | Rating:
How to Filter spam messages on mobile phone

As if spam in our emails were not enough, that we needed spam on our mobiles too! But then, it’s all about business and everyone out there wants to earn a quick buck. The result – we, the victims of spam. It’s high time we took control of the situation. We could also help our friends and family out of the menace.

One application that is effective in arresting SMS spam is SMS Spam Manager. You can access this application at Once you download SMS Spam Manager, you need to configure it by setting the filters for blocking spam. There are six rules for this. This way you are able to filter all your incoming text messages. The first three rules are general – Accept all, block all, and Accept phonebook only.

Accordingly, all messages are allowed when you select Accept all. In this case, the filters are inactive and they do not monitor the messages you receive. In case of Block all, again it is similar. Spam Manager will not monitor the messages in any way, but rather block all messages. The safest filter, however is the third case where only messages from contacts in your Phonebook are allowed to pass through. This way you are assured that you receive messages only from known people.

The remaining three filters in SMS Spam Manager are worth noting, because these are what effectively fight the spam menace. You can block messages on the basis of telephone number, prefix number or text match. This is really effective. No longer would those messages from those short code special numbers go undetected. All we used to see was some number as 45678 and there was nothing we could do. With Spam Manager, this number is detected and automatically blocked. However, there is a catch to it. For example, your cellular operator keeps sending you offers for services in astrology and also those love and beauty tips. You’re probably disgusted with them, but you don’t want to miss out on your bill status. All these messages probably originate at the same number. Therefore, blocking out that number wouldn’t be a wise decision after all. All you need to do is type in the phrase that typically appears in the spam messages. So, “know what your stars say” or “Special love tips” or “lose 5 kgs in a week” could reduce your agony drastically, if not put an end to it!

Finally, nothing is lost. Similar to a spam folder in your mailbox where you can occasionally go and check if you have lost any mail, you can check to see if any message has been wrongly filtered out as spam and restore them to your inbox.

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