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How to protect mobile phone from theft
By Super Admin
Published on 06/19/2011

How to protect mobile phone from theft

How to protect mobile phone from theft

Phone theft is rising by the day. We have heard of all kinds of technologies being implemented by cellular manufacturers these days to ensure that you would be able to recover your handset in the event of theft. But what if your handset is not equipped with such technology? You should not be left behind. Phone Guardian was aimed at such users. You can download Phone Guardian v3.0 at This application works by auto locking your phone in case it is stolen. To do this, you need to send a lock SMS. Phone Guardian decodes the message and understands that your phone is not in your possession any more and automatically locks your phone. This prevents abuse of your personal information. Whoever recovers the phone will only be able to use any function of the phone unless they know the correct password. So beware, do not commit the blunder of forgetting your password – you will not be able to uninstall Phone Guardian after it gets locked.

In the latest version of Phone Guardian, there are so new features that further increase security. It has a new GPS tracking option, whereby you can remotely track your phone by controlling the GPS module by sending text messages to your phone.

Xpress alarm
Another application aimed at preventing mobile phone theft is Xpress alarm. With this, all you need to do is keep your phone in your pocket. The moment your phone is outside the pocket, it sounds an alarm. You can dowload Xpress alarm at Despite all the applications available here, nothing is more effective than being responsible. Taking ownership of your phone comes before everything else. With every development in technology, there are counter measures being developed all the time. For every password encrypter, there is a decrypter being developed. Also, we would like to stress on the need to use original software. In the applications we have mentioned, some do provide advanced functionalities on registering and paying a fee. If you really need these functions, you should consider purchasing the original software rather than using pirated versions or opting for a cracked version. On second thoughts, we should not feel the pinch if our mobile phones are stolen if we use pirated software — that is theft after all!

Finally, by staying safe, you just don’t need so many precautionary measures. Practice self monitoring over the files you store on your phone. Take adequate precautionary measures while transferring file to and fro your computer. A simple step as showing your hidden files and folders would tell you of unseen infections residing on your memory. You can then delete them before they create havoc. Ensure you transfer files with known and trustworthy people only. This way you can at least be sure the ones you are pairing up with don’t have unfriendly motives.