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Common Stop Message error codes and solutions
Published  06/21/2011 | Troubleshooting Computer | Unrated
Common Stop Message error codes and solutions

These are some of the most common Stop Messages along with their cause and suggested resolution:
Stop Code: STOP 0x0000000A
Code Meaning : Faulty device drivers, or services from backup utilities or virus scanners
Recommended Resolution: Remove, disable or stop the offending drivers, backup utilities or anti-virus programs. Get updated software from the manufacturer.

Stop Code: STOP 0x0000001E

Code Meaning: Some driver files may be causing a problem.
Recommended Resolution: Remove, disable or update the driverfile listed in the error message. Verify if new hardware installation is correct.

Stop Code: STOP 0x00000024

Code Meaning: Usually caused by disk corruption in the NTFS file system or third-party disk defragmenters.
Recommended Resolution: Use hard disk diagnostic software to verify that the hard disk is working. Remember to always Use Microsoft-certified disk defragmenters.

Stop Code: STOP 0x0000002E

Code Meaning: Caused by a parity error in the system memory. Almost always caused by hardware problems—a configuration issue, defective hardware, or incompatible hardware.
Recommended Resolution: If physical RAM was recently added to the system, remove it and see if the error still occurs. If the error persists, try disabling memory caching in the BIOS. Else remove, repair or reinstall the defective hardware.

Stop Code: STOP 0x00000050

Code Meaning : Caused when requested data is not found in memory; the system checks the page file, but the missing data is identified as unable to be written to the page file
Recommended Resolution: Remove any newly-added hardware or run diagnostic software supplied by the manufacturer to check if the component has failed. Install updated device drivers or roll back to a previous driver.

Stop Code: STOP 0x0000007B
Code Meaning: Caused when Windows loses access to the system partition during the Startup process. This can be caused by: an incorrect driver for a SCSI, RAID, or UDMA IDE controller; incorrect ARC path in the Boot.ini; or a failed boot device.
Recommended Resolution: Verify that the disk storage device is installed correctly and working. Reinstall or update the device driver. Verify that the BIOS setting for the device is correct. Verify the integrity of the hard disk.

Stop Code: STOP 0x0000007F

Code Meaning: Caused when the CPU generates an error that the kernel does not catch. Usually hardware related—especially RAM. Can also be caused by CPU overclocking, or defective components on the motherboard.
Recommended Resolution:
1. Run the memory diagnostic to test RAM.
2. Restore overclocked settings to previous values.
3. Repair/replace the motherboard.
4. Disable sync negotiation in SCSI BIOS; check SCSI termination.

Stop Code: STOP 0x000000D1

Code Meaning: Occurs when the system attempts to access pageable memory at a process IRQL that is too high
Recommended Resolution: Very similar to STOP 0xA. Remove, disable or stop the offending drivers, backup utilities or anti-virus programs. Get updated software from the manufacturer.

Stop Code: STOP 0xC000021A

Code Meaning: Caused when the user-mode subsystem (Winlogon or CSRSS) is fatally compromised and security cannot be guaranteed. The most common causes are third-party applications or mismatched system files.
Recommended Resolution:
1. Remove, disable, or roll back any newly-installed device driver.
2. Uninstall any newly-installed software.
3. Use Windows-compatible backup/restore programs.
4. Restore full control permissions to the local SECURITY account on the systemroot folder by doing a fresh parallel installation of Windows on a separate partition.

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