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The LED on the monitor glows but the screen is blank
By Super Admin
Published on 06/22/2011
The LED on the monitor glows but the screen is blank

The LED on the monitor glows but the screen is blank

Cause 1: A black screen is displayed.
Solution 1: Another common mistake. Check the brightness and contrast settings. Sometimes the settings are turned way down, giving you a blank screen. Also try the other display controls if changing the brightness and contrast don’t seem to work.

Cause 2: The monitor is incompatible with the PC or the CRT is dead.
Solution 2: If the monitor is being connected to the PC for the first time, it could be that you have a monitor that is incompatible with your PC. Check if the monitor works on another PC. If the monitor doesn’t work on that PC either, then it is most likely some sort of internal failure in the monitor and you will have to get it repaired, if possible. Otherwise, you’ll have to go in for a new monitor.

Cause 3: There might be a problem with the signal between the PC and the monitor.
Solution 3: In most modern monitors, if there is no signal from the video card, there should be a message on the screen saying something like “No Signal.” Absence of any message, however, does not rule out the possibility of a problem with the cable between the monitor and PC. If the monitor works with another PC and the signal cable is detachable (most monitors have the signal cable integrated with the monitor), use a different signal cable.

If the signal cable is not detachable you might have to take it in for repairs. Check the other possible problems before you do so. If there is still no picture then this would point to some problem with the video card. Check the Troubleshooting the Video Card section for further details.