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Issues with WMP plugin, video disappearing after clicking a control
Published  06/22/2011 | Troubleshooting Computer Page 2 | Unrated
Issues with WMP plugin, video disappearing after clicking a control

Comments: There are several known issues with the WMP plugin. Here are some of them.

1. If, when playing a video, the video image is either invisible or disappears when you click a control, you need to adjust the plugin settings:
* When the player is active, right-click on it and select ‘Options...’
* At the bottom of the window should be a ‘Video Acceleration’ option. Change it from full to half by moving the slider.

2. If the player controls look like they are from an older version of Windows Media Player:
* Right-click this link and save it to your desktop:
* When it has downloaded, double-click it. A pop-up will ask if you want to add the information in it to the Registry. Click Yes.

3. If you get a “Cannot create DirectShow Player” error, try reinstalling WMP and installing the latest version of DirectX. Users with WMP 9 can try upgrading to WMP 10, and WMP 10 users can also try rolling back to WMP 9. It has been reported that booting Windows XP in Safe Mode, deleting WMP, then reinstalling WMP will solve it.

4. You could get the following error when you try to watch embedded Windows media: “Illegal Operation in Plugin Windows Media Player Plug-in Dynamic Link Library The plugin performed an illegal operation. You are strongly advised to restart Navigator.”
* This can be caused by having JavaScript disabled.
* Click Tools > Options > Web Features, and make sure JavaScript is enabled.
* Make sure that any extensions you might have that can block JavaScript are not blocking the site in question or are disabled. These include NoScript and Adblock Plus.

5. Firefox could crash while trying to play embedded WMV files. This can be because VLC Media Player is installed, which includes its own browser plugin. This plugin conflicts with the WMP plugin, so you need to remove the VLC plugin for embedded WMV files to play properly.

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