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How to use Jump Lists
Published  06/13/2011 | Windows 7 | Unrated
How to use Jump Lists

In applications coded to take advantage of the jump list, when you right-click an icon, you'll get a pop-up menu which will give you quick access to recently opened items, frequently opened items, tasks, or websites, in addition to any favorite items you've decided to pin. In Internet Explorer, it shows your recent browsing history; in Windows Media Player, it'll let you play recent videos; and Windows Explorer will give you quick access to frequently used folders and files. You can also pin favorites to a Jump List, so you can quickly get to the items that you use frequently. Jump Lists on the taskbar contain several menu commands that you can use to close an item or unpin the program from the taskbar. You can even drag an item off of a Jump List to copy it to another location or folder. For now, lets see what all you can do with this feature.

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