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Outlook prompts for password and duplicate e-mail messages appear
Published  06/26/2011 | Troubleshooting Computer Page 2 | Unrated
Outlook prompts for password and duplicate e-mail messages appear

Cause: This can occur if your Outlook profile contains two Internet accounts that both point to the same POP3 server, or for other reasons. We point here to six solutions.

Solution #1: Turn off e-mail reception for one of the POP3 accounts: in Outlook, on the Tools menu, point to Send/Receive Settings, and then click Define Send/Receive Groups. Double-click the group that contains the two POP3 accounts, and under Accounts, click one of the POP3 accounts. Click to clear the Receive mail items checkbox.

Solution #2: Outlook downloads duplicate POP3 Messages after exchange server is temporarily offline. Visit;en-us;290043

Solution #3: Outlook downloads messages from a POP3 server twice. Visit;en-us;292249

Solution #4: Mail retrieval problems occur when you receive POP mail. Visit;en-us; 317945

Solution #5: Duplicate messages appear if Outlook profile has two POP3 accounts. Visit;en-us;284404&Product=ol2002

Solution #6: POP3 headers are duplicated. Visit;en-us;289942&Product=ol2002

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