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Modem connects at 33.6 or less
Published  06/27/2011 | Troubleshooting Computer Page 2 | Unrated
Modem connects at 33.6 or less

Cause: There are several causes for this.

Solution: Some Internet service providers have separate phone numbers for 56K. Make sure you’re calling the right number. Next, if there is a telephone, answering machine, etc., plugged into the back of the modem, unplug it. The modem is supposed to ignore devices plugged into it when it is online, but that is not always the case. Also try disconnecting additional telephony devices (fax, phones, answering machines, etc.) from the phone line, even if they’re in a different room. Try running the phone line directly from the back of the modem to the wall, without passing through surge suppressors, splitters, phone line extenders, etc. It’s always a good idea to check the firmware and drivers page for your modem to see if there is a more recent version available. Many people’s problems disappear once they installed a new version of the driver or firmware.

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