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Troubleshooting Wired Networks
Published  06/29/2011 | Troubleshooting Computer Page 2 | Unrated
Troubleshooting Wired Networks

The most common problem you might face in networking is when you are not able to see other computers on the network. In this situation you need to follow the following steps. First, check if your network card is properly installed. Verify that your network card is properly inserted in the motherboard slot and that the card’s resources are properly set and not conflicting with other hardware. Also check that there are no loose network cable connections.

If you have connected your home network to a hub or switch, check if the cables are connected properly and that the hub or switch is powered on. It is important to note that the maximum allowable distance from an adapter to the hub is 100 metres.

To check if the network cable is properly connected to the back of the computer, look if the LEDs on the network card are properly illuminated. If there is a solid green/yellow LED, or if the light is blinking, it indicates that the card is connected and that it is receiving signals from the network.

To check if your LAN card is conflicting with other hardware in your computer, open the Device Manger. If the network drivers are not properly installed, there will be a question mark icon in front of the device. You should install the motherboard drivers first, and then the network drivers. If you want to update the network driver, use only the latest drivers from the adapter manufacturer’s Web site.

If you are connecting two computers together without using a hub or switch, make sure you’ve used a crossover cable. Crossover cables can be easily confused with regular cables.

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