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Unable to view SATA hard drive during installation
Published  06/29/2011 | Troubleshooting Computer Page 3 | Unrated
Unable to view SATA hard drive during installation

Cause: Windows XP loads the required drivers before it begins to copy the files necessary for installation. Motherboard chipsets lacking native support for SATA drives are not recognised during the installation. You’ll have to manually load the drivers before the file copying starts.

Solution: Such motherboards come bundled with a floppy drive that contains the necessary SATA drivers. While loading Windows XP, at a certain stage, i.e., before loading generic drivers into memory, you’re prompted to press [F6] for installing additional device drivers. Press [F6] once the generic drivers are loaded. The system will prompt for the floppy disk containing the SATA drivers; insert the floppy disk and then load the appropriate driver for XP. Once this is done, Windows XP will recognise SATA drives during setup.

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