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The computer beeps and does not boot
Published  06/29/2011 | Troubleshooting Computer Page 3 | Unrated
The computer beeps and does not boot

The error beeps may vary between BIOS manufacturers. A memory error beep-code is normally repeated long beeps with an interval of a few sec onds. If your machine produces this pattern of beeps, and the system fails to boot, you have problems with your RAM module(s).

Cause: The problem can be due to a loosely-inserted module. Other causes could be failure of the BIOS to recognise the module, and the failure of the module itself.

Solution: Clean the modules and the slot using non-static cloth, carefully insert the modules (making sure the notches match and that the clips hold the RAM in the slot), and start the machine. This should take care of loosely-inserted modules or improper contact due to accumulation of dust or fungus. If the problem is not solved, make sure you have a RAM module that matches your system (motherboard) requirements. If all these fail, perform a BIOS update. Check with the motherboard manufacturer whether an update is necessary to support the RAM module you purchased. Contact a technician or the dealer from whom you purchased the system if the problem persists.

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