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Memory failure or Memory verification Error Messages
Published  06/29/2011 | Troubleshooting Computer Page 3 | Unrated
Memory failure or Memory verification Error Messages

Such error messages indicate a problem with the memory. They specify a hexadecimal address. For example:
Memory failure at 0x44AE44683C
Memory verification error at: 0x00FC3588AE
(Note: The addresses specified above are not real—they’re just for the sake of explanation.)

Cause: The computer constantly performs read-write processes on the memory, and also verifies the authenticity of the data being processed. Errors mentioned above come up on the screen when the computer does not receive the expected data/value from the RAM. This error can be caused by a defective module or a mismatch between old and new modules.

Solution: Use only one RAM module at a time (remove the new module, if any) and work on your PC the way you would normally do. If you still face the problem, remove the old module and check again with only the new module inserted.

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