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Points to remember when buying RAM
Published  06/29/2011 | Troubleshooting Computer Page 3 | Unrated
Points to remember when buying RAM

It is foolhardy to go out and buy RAM without knowing your system specifications. Listed here are a few tips to use when buying RAM.

* First and foremost, you must figure out the type of RAM (whether SD, DDR or RD) supported by your system. This information is available in your motherboard’s manual, or by searching for the specification of your motherboard on the Internet. Second, find out the speed of RAM supported by your motherboard, which may be 266, 333 and 400 MHz for DDR and 533 or 800 MHz for DDR2 modules. For RDRAM, the speeds are 533 and 800 MHz and, the old SDRAM’s clock ticks at 66, 100, 133 and 166 MHz.

* In case of an upgrade, you must check the speed of the installed RAM module and preferably buy an identical (same model and manufacturer) module to avoid mismatch errors. The POST screen will display the clock speed of the current RAM under the memory count.

* Buy sufficient memory depending on your needs—operating system, applications, gaming, etc. The reason is pretty straightforward… more memory = better performance. It’s better to buy more memory when you decide to buy any memory at all, because the next time you get to buying memory, the kind of RAM you’re using now might not be in stock!

* In case of RDRAM, buy two identical chips. Such RAM is very expensive, so be extremely conscious about the size of the RAM.

* Prefer good-quality modules that come in static-proof packages.

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