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How to Include folders in a library
Published  06/17/2011 | Windows 7 | Unrated
How to Include folders in a library

You can include upto 50 folders from different locations in the same library, and then view and arrange the files in those folders as one collection.

To include a folder from your computer in a library
• Open Windows Explorer
• Right-click the folder that you want to include, point to Include in library, and then click a library.
To include a folder from an external hard drive in a library, make sure the external hard drive is connected to your computer and that your computer recognises the device.
• Open Computer from the Start Menu.
• Navigate to the folder on your external hard drive that you want to include.
• Right-click on the folder, move your mouse pointer to ‘Include in library’, and then select the desired library. A network folder must be added to the index before it can be included in a library if it is on a network device that is not part of your homegroup.

If the network folder is not indexed, just make the folder available offline. This will create offline versions of the files in the folder by locally storing them, and add these files to the index on your computer. Once you make a folder available offline, it can be included in a library. When you make a network folder available offline, copies of all the files in that folder will be stored on your computer's hard disk. If the network folder contains a large number of files, it is not advisable to follow this.

To make a folder available offline:
• While connected to the network, locate the network folder that you want to make available offline.
• Right-click on the folder, and then select ‘Always available offline’. The Always available offline command To include this in your library
• Open ‘Computer’ from the Start menu..
• In the navigation pane (the left pane), click Network, and then navigate to the folder on your network that you want to include, or type the path of the network in the address bar.
• Right-click the folder, move the cursor to Include in library, and then select your desired library.

* the content of the folder will only be available when the device is connected to your computer.
* Folders from removable media devices (such as CDs and DVDs and blu-ray discs) and some pen-drives can't be included in a library. saved searches and search connectors can't be included too.
* If you don't see the always available offline command, you might be using an edition of Windows 7 that doesn't support offline files.

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