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Incorrect Installation or colour cartridge is not properly installed Error
Published  06/29/2011 | Troubleshooting Computer Page 4 | Unrated
Incorrect Installation or colour cartridge is not properly installed Error

Problem: Whenever you try to print, you get an error saying“Incorrect Installation” and “Your colour cartridge is not properly installed.” Also, when you open the top lid, the cradle comes to rest at the centre, but after closing the lid, it does not go back to its rest position at the right; instead, the cradle stays in the centre, and the resume/error light continues to flash.

Cause: This is most probably a problem with the installation of the printer cartridges.

Solution: Try a printer self-test without using the software driver. For this, switch on the printer power supply and hold down the Resume button for a few seconds. The self-test page should print. If this doesn’t work, try reinstalling the cartridges. Specifically check for whether you have removed the tape over the ink nozzles on the colour cartridge, and that the colour cartridge is firmly locked in position. Make sure you push down and align the arrow on the cartridge top with the three coloured dots on the top of the cradle, and then push the arrow towards the coloured dots till the cartridge locks into position. If the problem persists, the most likely cause is a mechanical fault due to fluctuating voltages, and you might have to get the printer serviced.

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