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How to Customize a library
Published  06/17/2011 | Windows 7 | Unrated
How to Customize a library

You can also customize the general behavior of a library by changing its default save location, or by changing the type of file that a library is optimized for.

To change a library's default save location
A library's default save location determines where an item will be stored when it's copied, moved, or saved to the library. To change a library's default save location:
• Open the library you'd like to change.
• Click on ‘x’ locations link next to Includes above the area where files are displayed.
• In the Library Locations dialog box, right-click a library location that's not currently the default save location, click Set as default save location, and then click OK.

To change the type of file a library is optimised for Each library can be optimized for a certain file type, such as music or pictures. This changes the options that are available for arranging the files in that library.
• Right-click the library you'd like to change, and then click on Properties.
• In the "Optimize this library for" list, click a file type that constitutes the major part of the library, and then select OK.

If you don't see the Include in library option, it means that the network folder is not indexed or is not available offline.

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