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How to get the best out of inkjet printer
Published  06/29/2011 | Troubleshooting Computer Page 4 | Unrated
How to get the best out of inkjet printer

* Use original ink cartridges to prevent clogging, leaks and bleeding.

* Set the printer driver settings correctly.

* The best results will be achieved by matching the printer, printer settings, ink and paper.

* Handle inkjet papers like photographic papers, by the edges to avoid oil deposits and fingerprints.

* Set your printer for the proper paper type and weight. Fine art papers are heavier than ordinary inkjet or bond papers. If possible, set printer to thicker paper settings, or use the ‘envelope’ setting.

* Feed heavy/stiff paper one sheet at a time. Placing a sheet of plain copier/bond paper behind a heavy sheet sometimes improves the feed.

* Media settings on your printer determine how much ink will be applied to the paper. Thinly coated glossy films require less ink, while plain paper soaks in more. Coatings are designed to control ink absorption and spread, producing brilliant, sharp images with less ink.

* Allow ink to dry completely to avoid smudging. The time it takes to dry will vary based on the ink and paper quality used as well as the temperature and humidity conditions.

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