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How to get the best out of laser printer
Published  06/29/2011 | Troubleshooting Computer Page 4 | Unrated
How to get the best out of laser printer

* Select a good location for your laser printer. A properly ventilated area is recommended. Select a place where temperature and humidity do not change frequently. Try to avoid areas with heavy dust build-up.

* Position the printer on a sturdy and level surface. Allow sufficient space around the printer for air flow.

* While cleaning your printer, always use a lightly dampened cloth to clean the outside of the printer. To clean the inside, use a dry, lint-free cloth. This will ensure that no liquid enters the inner parts of the printer. Most manufacturers provide useful cleaning information on their manuals - always refer to them.

* Use paper manufactured specifically for your printer, and also select the correct paper type for your print job.

* Keep your printer up-to-date by downloading the latest drivers and patches from the manufacturer’s Web site. This helps because most manufacturers provide driver updates for their units and these include patches that add fonts or rectify incompatibilities.

* If debris is the primary cause of failures, toner is the primary cause of debris. All toner cartridges release a small amount of toner into the machine. This is why it’s important to clean the machine when you change the cartridge. It is also important that the density control of the machine be properly set to prevent the machine from pulling too much toner into itself. We all like dark prints, but if your print settings are too dark, it could be detrimental to the life of the printer in the long run.

* Don’t pile documents or miscellaneous objects on top of your printer, as they could cause damage. Your printer could overheat and this could result in malfunctioning and even a reduction in the printer’s life.

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