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Windows 7 Vs Linux
Published  06/12/2011 | Windows 7 | Rating:
Windows 7 Vs Linux

Linux has never been able to set foot in the desktop arena even though for years, we have been saying 'This is the year of Linux'. Windows recently has lost some hold with its share dropping 3% but it still holds its ground at 88%, and that also goes to OS X’s credit.

Fedora and Debian distros like Ubuntu lately have been making waves and some computer manufacturers even give you an option to buy a computer with Linux preinstalled instead of Windows but the major problem with that is : The price difference between a Windows-bundled CP and one that comes with Linux is negligible. So, most buyers tend to go with Windows since they can get a free Linux distro later on and install themselves. This has always been there in Windows vs Linux debates

But lets look from a feature point of view if Windows 7 can trump Linux. Windows 7 installs easier although one can argue that recent Linux distros come with easy to use installers and some even feature a powerful Disk Manager within. When it comes to easy availability of software (Again arguable), Gaming (Windows kills Linux in this) and simpler configuration of user settings (Agreed that it's not as customizable as Linux; but it's simpler), Windows 7 probably appeals more to an Average Joe. Windows 7 brings in new dimensions to the age old debate. We shall not go more into it.

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