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How to use Narrator and visual notifications in Windows 7
Published  06/18/2011 | Windows 7 | Rating:
How to use Narrator and visual notifications in Windows 7

With Audio Description, you can hear a narration of what's happening in a video. Windows 7 can also replace sound alerts with visual cues like a screen flash and pop-up messages so system alerts are noticeable even when they're not heard. Windows Narrator, reads text on the screen aloud and describes some events (such as an error message appearing) that happen while you're using the computer. Open Narrator by clicking on the Start button, clicking All Programs, clicking Accessories, clicking Ease of Access, and then clicking Narrator. Use the keyboard shortcuts in the following table to specify which text you want Narrator to read:

Use this keyboard shortcut To do this
ctrl+shift+spacebar read the entire selected window
ctrl+alt+spacebar read the items that are selected in the current window
ctrl stop narrator from reading text
Insert+F2 select all of the text that has the same formatting as the
character at the cursor
Insert+F3 read the current character
Insert+F4 read the current word
Insert+F5 read the current line
Insert+F6 read the current paragraph
Insert+F7 read the current page
Insert+F8 read the current document

To choose which text Narrator reads aloud
Under Main Narrator Settings, select one or more of the following:
• Select the Echo User's Keystrokes check box to hear what you type.
• Select the Announce System Messages check box to hear background events, such as notifications.
• Select the Announce Scroll Notifications check box to hear an announcement when the screen scrolls.

To change the Narrator voice:
• Open Narrator
• Click Voice Settings, and then make any of the necessary adjustments.

To select a different voice, click the voice you want to use in the Select Voice box.
• For a faster voice, select a number in the Set Speed list.
• For a louder voice, select a number in the Set Volume list.
• For a higher-pitched voice, select a number in the Set Pitch list.

the Insert key is used for narrator commands, so when you press Insert while narrator is running, you won't be able to insert characters. to use the Insert key to insert characters while narrator is running, press Insert+I and then the characters you want to add.

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