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How to use Windows Speech Recognition in Windows 7
Published  06/18/2011 | Windows 7 | Rating:
How to use Windows Speech Recognition in Windows 7
Input devices to you mean a keyboard to type out text, enter commands etc and the mouse to navigate and launch files. But Windows 7 comes with WSR (Windows Speech Recognition) that gives you a new dimension of interface control; your voice to control, command and dictate text to your computer. While Vista users will be familiar with WSR, it is a new feature to most XP users who never used any Voice Recognition software like 'Dragon Naturally Speaking'. Windows Speech Recognition has fairly high recognition accuracy for something that comes bundled free with an Operating System and has an extensive list of commands to control your computer. The text dictation feature, although not very good with the Indian accent works fairly well for small jobs. Instead of using the keyboard, you can just sit back and command your computer to start an email by recipient's name, surf a webpage, pause/play a song or just dictate out an occasional mail.
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