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How to Control your Computer using Speech Recognition
Published  06/18/2011 | Windows 7 | Unrated
How to Control your Computer using Speech Recognition
Speech Recognition recognizes standard commands like Click File, Right Click Computer, Copy that, Paste, Minimize, Play, Show Desktop, etc and responds to spoken commands and performs the specific task if the program supports that command. You can use WSR to run programs and interact with Windows in a natural way. Even with applications that don't support 'commands', you can work your way around with what is known as geography control. You can ask Windows to overlay numbers on top of the elements in the program interface and then subsequently activate that function speaking out the number on top of it. Even if this doesn't work, there's the option of Mouse grid for programs that need mouse clicks in arbitrary locations. This option presents you with a grid with nine zones with numbers inside each. When you speak a number, that zone gets selected, the mouse moves to that zone and another nine zone grid is created inside that zone. This process keeps on repeating until you place the mouse cursor in the exact place where you want to click.
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