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How to use Location Aware Printing in Windows 7
Published  06/18/2011 | Windows 7 | Rating:
How to use Location Aware Printing in Windows 7

Do you have a habit of routinely connecting printers at different places, say, Home, Work, your Friend's place, to your laptop? Windows 7 has a handy utility, called 'Location-aware printing' to automatically switch your laptop's default printer when it detects that you have moved from one network to another and eliminates the need to manually switch printers. Whenever you connect to a printer and print something, Windows 7 associates that printer to the network you were connected to at that time. Next time you connect to that network, Windows 7 automatically switches the default printer to the one it associated with the network. If you have used more than one printer on the same network, then it associates the printer which you set as your default. You can also manually pair printers and networks if you wish to.

• Open Devices and Printers from the Start Menu.
• Left Click on a printer, and then click on Manage default printers on the toolbar at the top.
• Select “Change my default printer when I change networks”.
• In the Select network dop-down list, click on a network.
• In the Select printer list, click on the corresponding default printer.
• Click Add.
• Repeat previous 3 steps as needed. When you're finished, click on OK.

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