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How to Install a network printer on a home network
Published  06/19/2011 | Windows 7 | Unrated
How to Install a network printer on a home network

Network printers—devices designed to connect directly to a computer network as a standalone device—were once found only in large corporations. No more.

Printer makers are increasingly offering inexpensive inkjet and laser printers that are designed to serve as network printers on home networks. Network printers have one obvious advantage over shared printers: they're always available. There are two common types of network printers: wired and wireless.

• Wired printers have an Ethernet port. You can connect it to your router or hub using an Ethernet cable.
• Wireless printers typically connect to your home network using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

To install a network, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth printer:
• Open Devices and Printers.
• Click on ‘Add a printer’.
• In the Add Printer wizard that pops up, click on ‘Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer’.
• A list of available printers comes; select the one you want to use, and then click on Next.
• Complete the subsequent steps in the wizard, and then click on Finish.

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