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How to Stream media to another computer or device using Play To
By Super Admin
Published on 06/19/2011
You can use Windows Media Player to stream media, or play to, another computer or media device on your network.

How to Stream media to another computer or device using Play To

The only requirement is that your device should support the industry standard DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) 1.5 digital media renderer (It also works with other Windows 7 PCs).

To play to another computer or device, follow these steps:
• Open Windows Media Player and Switch to Library Mode
• If the list pane is closed or if the Burn or Sync tabs are exposed, click on the Play tab.
• Find the items that you want to play in the Windows Media Player Library, and then drag those items from the details pane into the list pane.
• Click on the Play to button Picture of the Play to button at the top of the list pane
• Click on the device on your network that will receive the media.
• In the Play To dialog box, use the playback controls to play, pause, go to next/previous or to stop the media stream.

When you stream music to a digital media receiver, you will not be able to switch tracks using controls on the device itself or the remote control that came with the device unless it complies to DLNA 1.5 completely.