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What is GPU?
Published  07/3/2011 | Computer Encyclopedia Page 4 | Unrated
What is GPU?
The Graphical Processing Unit is the computing core of a graphics card. These chips are designed to perform computations on graphical data much more efficiently than can CPUs. Modern GPUs are more complex than CPUs, if transistor count be considered. One of the fastest GPUs today, the GeForce 8800 GTX, has 754 million transistors, while the fastest CPU, the quad-core Intel Core 2 Quad, has 820 million transistors (including the 24 MB of L2 cache memory). GPUs can be subdivided into different areas specialising in a particular operation. The major sub-units are the Stream Processors, TMU, and ROP. Newer GPUs are released quicker than CPUs. The major manufacturers of GPUs are NVIDIA (the makers of the GeForce series) and ATI (the makers of the Radeon series).
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